Oct. 31st, 2006


Oct. 31st, 2006 09:22 pm
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All Hallows Eve — when ghosts do walk the earth:
All Hallows Eve — O light and fireside mirth!
Ah, leave the gay revel and the merry din,
Set the door upon the latch and let the ghosts in.

There comes no dream-lover stepping from the lane,
No pitiful white creature a-beating at the pane:
There is no herb to be gathered nor spell to be said,
And still in the grey graveyard lie the waiting dead.

When the shadows gather, in a room apart,
To the still glow of the firelight, to the dreaming heart,
Far from the loud frolic and the dancers' din,
Friendly out of the gloaming the dear ghosts come —

Come, when the wind wakens like an olden song,
With smiles half-forgotten and voices lost long, —
With a well-beloved footstep lingering at the door,
Hands full of old posies that smell sweet as of yore . . .

All Hallows Eve — when dreams do rule on earth!
All Hallows Eve — O the feasting and the mirth!
Ah, leave the loud laughter and the dance and din,
Set the door upon the latch and let the ghosts in.

Cicely Fox Smith

An October Evening )


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