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Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.

- Ray Bradbury, writer (1920-2012)

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Weirdly erotic monthly vignettes from Caitlín R. Kiernan (18 and over only): Sirenia Digest

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Worm: 'Allo.
Sarah: Did you say... hello?
Worm: No, I said "'allo," but that's close enough.
Sarah: Oh... you're a worm, aren't you?
Worm: Yeah, that's right.
Sarah: You don't by any chance know the way through this labyrinth, do you?
Worm: Who, me? No, I'm just a worm. Say, come inside, and meet the missus.


“I have hardly anything in common with myself and should stand very quietly in a corner, content that I can breathe.”

― Franz Kafka


“Lovers are not snails; they don't have to protrude from their shells and meet each other halfway. Meet me within your own self.”

― Jerzy Kosiński, Steps


"What do you mean by isolation?" I asked him.

"Why, the isolation that prevails everywhere, above all in our age -- it has not fully developed, it has not reached its limit yet. For everyone strives to keep his individuality as apart as possible, wishes to secure the greatest possible fullness of life for himself; but meantime all his efforts result not in attaining fullness of life but self-destruction, for instead of self-realisation he ends by arriving at complete solitude. All mankind in our age have split up into units, they all keep apart, each in his own groove; each one holds aloof, hides himself and hides what he has, from the rest, and he ends by being repelled by others and repelling them. He heaps up riches by himself and thinks, 'How strong I am now and how secure,' and in his madness he does not understand that the more he heaps up, the more he sinks into self-destructive impotence."

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov
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