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Today's dream featured Matt Smith as the Doctor and myself standing in as Amy Pond for recorded rehearsals. First it was challenging yet fun, and we went so far as to rewrite lines of dialogue that didn't sound authentic. Then it was sexy. Then it turned into a murder mystery when his girlfriend drowned in a pool during a swimming contest and everyone thought I'd killed her.

The other day my partner and I stopped by a coin laundry where I met a South Korean man lounging behind the front desk. He leaned back in his chair and unconsciously lifted his t-shirt just enough to rub his stomach as he questioned my accent, saying that it sounded more British than Southern. Then he told me about moving to the U.S. in the 70's. I gave him five dollars to put our laundry in the dryer while I was gone.

The kitten, who we have dubbed Towel due to his affinity for sleeping on towels and my partner's habit of using him as a hand towel when he is being naughty, has been keeping me busy night and day mixing up milk formula every few hours, vainly attempting to calm him down at 3 am, and keeping him away from electrical cords. When he gets really excited his entire head vibrates as if it is about to explode. I'm not sure if this is normal. It's been a while since I've had a kitten indoors.

It is currently one-two-three-four PM. Good afternoon, Tuesday.
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Today I had a professional hour-long massage bestowed upon my aching muscles by a lovely Chinese woman who kept telling me to relax. It's not often I pamper myself in these ways - in fact, this was my first professional massage - but it is my birthday month, I woke up with another pulled muscle in my shoulder, and after I asked my partner to gently rub it he said that I should get a massage immediately. My shoulder and neck muscles have a way of hardening into brick walls without my noticing.

So, that was a lovely experience that I apparently felt a need to justify.

I've also been taking care of a kitten that appears to have a death wish. When he was still unable to walk, he somehow managed to choke himself on some loose threads in the lining of a suitcase. I had to cut him free. Then he dislocated an ankle, presumably after falling from a foot stool while sleeping. His splint lasted 2 days before I had to cut it off because he was losing circulation to his paw.

Now that he has mostly healed, he attacks everything in sight indiscriminately. When my partner went to drop him off at his new home, he attacked the woman's adult cat and then refused to let go of my partner's pants leg. So we're hiding him in our new apartment until we find a suitable home. In the meantime I am gathering a collection of scratches on my hands, feet, and legs.

It's hard to stay angry with such an adorable kitten. But he does his best.

Tonight is a perigee moon (aka Supermoon), the first of three this summer. I envision bathing in the moonlight filtered through my window. In reality, it will probably be battling with my computer screen as I catch up on work.

The Earth keeps turning...


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